Customer Feedback

Neighbourhood Watch

We had bin locks fitted recently in Green Point area and there has been a vast improvement on bin day – it is cleaner and no over spilling bins. Wish all the homes and especially apartment blocks would have them as well.

Toni van E – Green Point NHW

Private Homeowner

Had mine since January and very happy. Lock has never failed us. Best part is how clean our bin stays as dumpster divers no longer rip open our trash and leave our bin & surrounding area littered. Oh, and they are very aware of what Bin Guard is and it’s purpose. And since my wife works from home, she no longer has to tolerate rude, aggressive dumpster divers going through our bin on trash day.

Christopher B – Facebook User

Complex Manager

An update for you on the BinGuard locks!…100% successful!!… A much cleaner, more hygienic and vagrant free operation. Above all it is a much cleaner and more efficient way of garbage collection!!

Brian K – Ocean View Flats

Neighbourhood Watch

So far so good!

Rob K – OH Watch

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