Black Cable Version

Follow the video link below for installation instructions. Safety warning: Installing Binguard requires drilling holes, using a spade drill bit. Select a slow drilling speed on electric drills and apply extra care while drilling to ensure that the spade drill bit stays in the selected location.

Unit components

The image below shows the different components found within the black cable version Binguard unit.

Black Cable Unit

Components (black version):

  1. Short Cable
  2. Gravity Lock with lock plate
  3. Hang Tag
  4. Padlock
  5. Cable Tie
  6. Long Cable

How to avoid loosing your short black cable

It has come to our attention that some users sometimes forgets to lock their cable into the padlock on bin collection day. This may result in your short, black cable ending up in the refuse collection truck.
We have a simple, yet effective solution!
To avoid accidentally loosing your Binguard short, black cable (the one that clicks into your yellow gravity lock), attach the cable tie that's supplied with your unit, through the short cable's eye (loop) and around the long cable (the one that is attached to your bin's back hinge; with the padlock on the other end). See image above.
Now the short cable cannot slide down over the long cable eye.