Binguard started in a slightly different guise in 2005 when we first designed a refuse bin locking system, pivoted around the need to prevent feral baboons from gaining access to refuse containers on premises and on the streets in areas close to nature around Table Mountain, Cape Town. After thorough trails which involved Cape Town City Council and other role players, we’ve developed a product fit for the requirements of this unique and challenging environment.

Through ongoing in-the-field testing and enhancement, this patented product has proven itself as one of the best specified deterrents in Cape Town’s most relentless problem areas. This has led to a number of success stories, amongst others a tender awarded six years in a row to supply the product and a special feature on 50/50 – the authoritative SABC TV environmental show – on the positive impact of this system and supporting the fact that thousands of locking systems have been rolled out in various areas in and around South Africa.

The success of our bin locking solution in environments in and close to nature, has led to a general requirement to also produce a system that would keep a residential 240 litre wheelie bin locked in the street on refuse collection day. This is to assist in the transfer of refuse from the bin to the refuse removal truck, allowing the refuse collection service to empty the bin without the operator’s intervention, resulting in a clean environment on the refuse collection day.

Double lock system for CTCC