A self-activating gravity lock, which keeps the lid secured, releases automatically when the wheelie bin is lifted and tilted by the refuse removal truck.

Binguard Components Include

Designed for easy installation to adapt any type 240 liter wheelie bin to secure the waste content. (but still lifter friendly)

Black Cable Version Kit

This cable is used to secure and lock the two fixed cable points on the bin.

The allen bolt is used to attach the lock plate and gravity lock to the bin ???

A weather resistant metal bracket that will keep the gravity lock secure onto the wheelie bin rim.

This tag can be placed at a convenient position somewhere on a cable eye. One side will encourage the refuse operator to lift the locked bin. Enter your street street number on the rear side to prevent swapping of bins.

Hang Tag front and rear

This ties as an option to secure the hang tag to your cable.

A waterproof lock (metal inner) that will handle local weather conditions well.

Factory sealed unit that contains the inner workings of the gravity lock

This cable is used to lock the bin on collection day. The metal pin is inserted into the gravity lock.  The lopped end is secure onto the long cable.

On the Bin

The Binguard gravity lock is installed to the outside of your bin and attached as demonstrated below.


This is a fixed rear point on the cable loom. The 1st eye is looped through the lid hinge axle at the rear part of the bin.

This is the connection point where the long cable is fed through the short cable. This is also an ideal position for the hang tag.

This point is used to secure the cable set (via long cable end) onto the bin side lip by means of the provided padlock.

This is the heart of the system and is mounted under the side rim of the bin body. The lock bracket will keep and secure the lock onto the bin.

A self-activating gravity lock which keeps the lid secured, releases automatically when the wheelie bin is lifted and tilted by the refuse removal truck. This allows the lid to open and the bin to be emptied into the truck.

The aim is that refuse from the bin should not end up on the street before it reaches the truck, thereby contributing to a clean and unsoiled environment.

It is not that simple to open the gravity lock manually by merely turning the locked bin over. The person trying to do so will have to be able to simulate the path, together with the movement, that the drum would follow from being lifted by the truck’s lifting mechanism until it’s tilted into the refuse truck. We recommend that bins be placed in the street the morning of refuse collection day and that the bins are full, as a heavier bin is more difficult to turn upside down by hand.

An extension of your personal, household and neighborhoods security measures.

Binguard also keeps wild animals such as baboons out in plagued areas.