The Binguard Concept

Binguard is a patented, easy to install and user-friendly 240 litre municipal refuse bin locking system. With Binguard, users remain in control of the refuse in their bins from leaving their premises, while on the street, and until it is collected by the refuse removal service. Binguard is an extension of recognised municipal waste management cycles, helping to keep the urban environment unsoiled.

Binguard locking system was designed to fit in with local bylaws dealing with waste and waste collection. We have had no objection from major municipalities in this regard. Please verify this with your refuse collection service.

How to install: Black cable model

How to install: Silver cable model

Select which colour cable is on your Binguard lock. These cable options are not wheelie bin design specific (handle or no handle). Follow the video link above for installation instructions.

The Binguard Cycle


Waste wise Binguard empowers individuals and neighbourhoods to effortlessly contribute towards local and national goals of limiting and controlling waste. It offers environmentally conscious users a solution to responsible waste management, knowing that household waste is handled in a contained manner from their premises to the waste disposal facility.   



Keep Binguard unlocked while using the refuse bin on your premises.



Lock Binguard when putting the bin out on refuse collection day.  The gravity lock will open should the bin be lifted and rotated upside down in a similar way that the refuse truck mechanism does.



A self-activating gravity lock which keeps the lid secured, releases automatically when the bin is lifted onto and tilted by the refuse removal truck. This allows the lid to open and the bin to be emptied without the operator’s intervention.

Easy To Operate

Depending on location and situation, Binguard’s lock arrangement can be in one of three operational modes.


While on the premises the gravity lock cable is not secured which allows the lid to be opened.


When on the street on refuse collection day, the gravity lock cable is secured into the gravity lock.


It is easy to override a locked Binguard mechanism at any time by unlocking the padlock which holds the three cables together. This is handy for putting last minute refuse into the bin after it had been put out on the street.

Refuse Truck Compatible

Binguard keeps the wheelie bin lid in the locked position until the refuse removal truck’s lift mechanism lifts the bin and tilts it into the truck to empty it. Once the bin reaches a specific alignment, the self-activating gravity lock unlocks automatically and the lid opens to let the refuse inside the bin fall out. No operator intervention is required.

In Yard to Collection Day

Binguard - Be Waste Wise


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Binguard acknowledges that the presence of uninvited individuals rummaging through municipal refuse bins on refuse collection day is the manifestation of a much bigger social challenge in societies worldwide. We furthermore acknowledge that this is to be approached with consideration and respect, especially towards the individuals concerned.

However, the fact that the activities of these individuals bring with them new challenges – in this case environmental and security concerns in neighbourhoods – is something that cannot be conveniently ignored. This too should be acknowledged and approached with good sense in order to find solutions.

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