Wildlife Lock

Binguard wildlife lock system – only available on special request and in bulk

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The Binguard wildlife double lock system  has been designed  specifically  to prevent feral wildlife from gaining access to  wheelie bins on premises and on the streets in areas close to nature around Table Mountain, Cape Town. After thorough trails which involved Cape Town City Council and other role players, we’ve developed a product fit for the requirements of this unique and challenging environment.

Through ongoing in-the-field testing and enhancement, this patented product has proven itself as one of the best specified deterrents in Cape Town’s most relentless wildlife areas. This has led to a number of success stories, amongst others a tender awarded six years in a row to supply the product and a special feature on 50/50 – the authoritative SABC TV environmental show – on the positive impact of this system and supporting the fact that thousands of locking systems have been rolled out in various areas in and around South Africa.

This system has been in operation for 17 plus years with most systems and locks still operational to date and is well know as a successful baboon proof and monkey proof wheelie bin locking system.


This double locking system consist of a three-way entry/unlock.

  1. Municipal truck  – this is done via two pressure override pins that are activated by the hydraulic lifting system on the truck.
  2. User latch  – can be pulled to unlock and open the lock. This could also be padlocked to ensure that the latch is locked.
  3. Internal release – would allow and emergency release in case children at play, for example, are caught inside the wheelie bin.


This product is only sold in bulk and on tender.



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