Spare part – Gravity Lock


Black gravity lock that attaches to your wheelie bin rim lip. This is the secret to weapon in making the Binguard work so effortlessly.

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The Binguard gravity lock

The Binguard gravity lock is the secret to the success of this fantastic product.

Gravity locks all over the world works on the principle that if tilted in-line with the refuse truck, the lid will open. Aspects that makes this more difficult is direction specific tilt (forward) and weight (a full bin) – the video received does point to a bin that had very little refuse in it and made it easier therefore to lift and turn upside down by hand.

We also encourage users to ensure that their bins are only placed out on the roadside around collection time to avoid it becoming a further target object.

Binguard has been involved with locking systems for wheelie bins for many years and to secure or lock a plastic container is challenging. One of the biggest problems for us is the structure of the bin. It would not help making a security device with the bin as the weakest point. This will mean that a persistent/desperate “attacker” will try and break into the bin to get to the contents. This could cause damage to the bin structure (which we as Binguard cannot be held responsible for). Gravity locks (even with their weak points) could ensure that the bin is not damaged, even by a determined “attacker”.

We would like to mention that the purpose of Binguard is as a first line of defense (a deterrent) and our product is dependent and reliant on the condition of the bin and cannot be seen as vandal proof; this is not the purpose of this product.


  • Yellow gravity lock
  • Black steel plate
  • Silver nut and screw
Weight 5.1 kg
Dimensions 5 × 7 × 6 cm


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